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Feature Highlights

Enhance your customer's experience

Visual & responsive menu interface

Live tracking for orders

Digital Bills and Payments

Get help whenever you need

Dietary customisations & requests

White label for branding consistency

Improvements across your business operations

Our online Menu management console allows managers to freely edit and update almost every aspect of the digital menu items

As a part of the Miniwize software suite; It is of course, easy and intuitive to use and responsive

As a cloud application, the management console is accessible from any browser at any time as long as there is a stable internet connection.

Our Software Suite includes our easy and versatile Kitchen Dislay System (KDS) for seamless deployment and integration with our other products

The system facilitates instant order transmission between front-of-house and kitchen staff, reducing errors and delays.

It is remarkably simple to progress orders in the Kitchen, simply drag and drop the order to the next zone or tap it to progress it forward. Real-time updates and alerts help kitchen staff prioritize tasks, manage inventory effectively, and handle custom orders efficiently.

Kitchen Display supports wide range of screen sizes, allows for simultaneous use of multiple units and allows the user to order by time, table or order to suit priorities and preferences. Digitizing the ordering process streamlines workflows, reduces errors, and allows kitchen staff to focus more on food preparation during peak hours.

Wait staff can quickly view available food items and customer requests, streamlining their workflow for prompt service.

The display portal centralizes communication, allowing staff to respond promptly to customer needs and coordinate effectively with the kitchen.

Real-time updates on food availability facilitate smoother coordination between wait staff and kitchen, reducing wait times for customers.

Access to all necessary information on one platform enhances wait staff productivity, leading to smoother operations and happier customers.

Why choose us?

Optimize your process for speed and reliability

Enhance your business operations with a speedy, modern restaurant management system that reduces the time required for staff to wait tables

User experience that is a cut above the rest

Our exception user experience design based on Google's lastest M3 Design language is sure to be loved by your customers

Super-easy set up

Forget complicated and costly deployments, our products connect to the cloud for virtually painless plug and play set up.

Powerful, responsive yet unbelievably lightweight

Our technology is built to be powerful, scalable and robust; yet breathtakingly responsive and quick to download, update and use

Designed for flexibility

Our products are designed to be flexible to suit various business types and needs, let us work for you!

Straight-forward pricing

No hidden, fees, costs, surcharges. Our pricing is clean and Straight-forward


Check our Pricing

Starter Plan

$29 / mo
  • 1 Location
  • 20 Tables
  • 5 Kitchen Displays
  • 5 Management Accounts
  • Ongoing Technical Support
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Pro Plan

$89 / mo
  • Up to 3 Locations
  • 200 Tables
  • 50 Kitchen Displays
  • 30 Management Accounts
  • Support 365 days/yr
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Enterprise Plan

$199 / mo
  • Up to 50 Locations
  • 4000 Tables
  • 500 Kitchen Displays
  • 350 Management Accounts
  • Ongoing Technical Support
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Custom Plan

  • TBD Locations
  • TBD Tables
  • TBD Kitchen Displays
  • TBD Management Accounts
  • TBD Support
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